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Better World

At Lachmi's, our ethos transcends mere business operations. We are dedicated to fostering social responsibility and actively engage in initiatives aimed at enriching our community. Through our commitment to meaningful social causes, we strive to make a tangible, positive impact on society.

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Helping Hands Foundation

Helping Hands Foundation is a fundraising entity and works in conjunction with Tata Memorial Hospital’s ImPaCCT Foundation.

Our projects focus primarily on Below The Poverty Line families and save the girl child.

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SENsational Foundation

SENsational Foundation is dedicated to promoting equity and inclusivity for people with disabilities (PwDs). We believe that fostering awareness and accessibility are the first steps towards inclusion. Our ultimate goal is to transform Hong Kong into a leading advocate for disability rights, where no one is left behind.

By collaborating with government bodies, non-governmental organizations, educational institutions, and corporations, we strive to create a society that recognizes disability inclusion as a fundamental human right rather than just a social responsibility. Despite the growing recognition of the importance of disability inclusion, PwDs continue to face marginalization and limited opportunities.

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This is  a charity that builds communities one home at a time! 


We have built 30 homes so far, with more planned. In the beginning we built a home each for all our labourers. We thought how horrible it must be for them to be living in terrible conditions while everyday going to build a beautiful home for someone else. All the workers in KOMA are the proud owners of a home. After we built their homes we went on to build for other needy families in the community.

We run KOMA tutoring school, KOMA old age community centre, we provide free lunch and transport for the indigenous children, solar streetlights at the indigenous village. 

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One of our much-loved projects was bringing water to 26 indigenous families up the mountain. We installed a pump in the river below, piped it all the way up the mountain into a huge tank and today they have water! We have also built a KOMA church/Typhoon shelter up the mountain, for the indigenous people.


We have started various businesses, including KOMA ice candy, KOMA sari sari store and KOMA cakes and tea. All for women. We also employ women for various other jobs such as taking care of the old age community centre, teaching assistant at our school, cooks for the free lunch service  etc.


We have distributed laptops for deserving children in Cabuyao, Butuan City and Mindoro and have also offered scholarships to engineering students, IT students, etc. 


We at KOMA believe in providing all the basic necessities, home, water, electricity to families so that the children grow up with equal opportunities. We believe that a  home where the children are happy, healthy and being made ready for the future is a home with hope. 

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BE THE CHANGE HONG KONG LIMITED is charitable and philanthropic organization under section 88 of the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Ordinance.

Our mission is to elevate marginalized communities within Hong Kong ethnic minorities through the support and generosity of good Samaritans, charitable foundations, and corporate institutions. Our services focus on strengthening economic and social mobility and promoting mental health among the poorer sections of society.

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